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Tire changer

Top quality tire products and front end equipment

Get only the best equipment and replacement auto parts from our great selection from Hunter Engineering Company. They design, manufacture, and sell a wide range of passenger car and truck service equipment, and we're bringing their entire selection to you.


From computerized wheel alignment systems to vehicle lifts and inspection tools, we have it all.


Give our professionals a call today to discuss your personal or commercial equipment needs and we'll help you find the perfect products to fit your requirements as well as your budget.

Brake lathes

Get the vehicle service equipment you need

Top quality equipment from Hunter Engineering Company:

• Computer-based wheel alignment systems

• Suspension and brake testing systems

• Wheel balancers

• Brake lathes

• Tire changers

• Vehicle lifts

• Inspection tools

• Truck and bus equipment


Full delivery services

Get the equipment you need shipped right to you. We'll deliver right to your garage and get everything set up and calibrated so that you can get started right away.

Find the right vehicle service equipment to fit your needs today.

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